Sage Vegetarian

1129 Weaver Dairy Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Hours of Operation
Lunch: 11:30-2:30 Monday-Saturday
Dinner 5-9 Monday-Thursday
Dinner 5-10 Friday & Saturday
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Add a Side Organic Mixed Green Salad with a side of our freshly made creamy dill dressing
for $4 with any entrée. Creamy tofu vegan dressing and brown rice available upon request.


* Caribe                                                                                                                             $14.00

Caribbean style black beans served with avocado, basmati-saffron rice, grilled spicy tofu, grilled pineapple squares & seasoned plaintains


* Bud-m-Joon                                                                                                                   $13.50

“Eggplant paradise” with tomato, split peas, saffron, sautéed onion, hint of cinnamon,
and other spices, served with basmati-saffron rice and a side of shirazi


* Fesen-Joon                                                                                                                      $15.00

A Persian classic. Sweet and sour flavors of pomegranate juice, ground walnuts & herbs
blended with grilled Tempeh, served with basmati-saffron rice and a side of shirazi

* Gormeh Sabzi                                                                                                                $14.00

A classic Persian stew made with potato, tempeh, kidney beans, dried lemon, served with a side of basmati-saffrom rice and a side of shirazi


*Soy Chicken Cutlets                                                                                                        $14.50

"Chicken" in a mild coconut curry & mushroom sauce, served with basmati-saffron rice and a side of shirazi


* Pasta Primavera                                                                                                            $13.00

Noodles with mixed seasonal vegetables sautéed with garlic, olive oil, spices and a splash of pomodoro sauce


Vegetarian Lasagna                                                                                                         $13.00

Layers of our finely chopped fresh vegetable-ricotta-parmesan blend
topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce


* Gnocchi Arabiatta                                                                                                         $13.00

Potato dumpling pasta sautéed in a light spicy, tomato and basil sauce. A house favorite.


* Vegetable Kabob                                                                                                          $14.00

Grilled and seasoned red and yellow peppers, red onion, tomato, tofu squares, Portabella mushrooms, and asparagus all on a skewer and served over basmati-saffron rice with a side of shirazi.

*Indicates Vegan Dishes